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Manually update the Garmin nuvi 1100

For one reason or another a Garmin nuvi 1100 would not update. It kept rebooting itself repeatedly to where it would not be recognized by the computer long enough to perform the simplest of tasks. I tried the Garmin Express, Garmin WebUpdater, and the GarminMapUpdater for PC. With the Garmin WebUpdater, there was enough time to update the system from...Read More »
Plex Media Server

Plex Web without Port using a Reverse Proxy (CentOS 7)

Using a CentOS 7 box running a Plex Media Server and an Apache reverse proxy on the same box without a domain name and only an IP address and after much trial and error, a working Apache configuration file finally materializes. The goal was to eliminate the need of typing the port number to access the Plex Media Server web...Read More »

Radio Shack EC-4019 Calculator Problem and Solution

The Radio Shack EC-4019 is a great calculator. I have had it since the late 1980s since it was new. It has worked flawlessly up until about 2012, when a new battery was needed. Yup, it took over 20 years to finally have the need to replace the battery. Not to suggest that it is being used on a daily…

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Powerline Network Adapter Kit vs. DD-WRT Linksys Wireless Bridge

The Powerline Network Adapter uses the existing home electircal wiring as a wired network cable. A wireless bridge is used to connect two LAN segments via a wireless link. The Powerline network Adapter is sold as a kit and offered by several companies. However, for this test, the Actiontec Powerline Network Adpater Kit (SKU # PWR511K01) is used to compare…

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How to program the key fob for the 2003 Hyundai Sonata

Have you ever needed to replace your key fob for your vehicle?  It could cost more than willing to pay to have it programmed.  This is for owners of the 2003 Hyundai Sonata. This guide details how to manually program the fob for the 2003 Hyundai Sonata in the event the remote transmitter is added or replaced or there is…

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How to wipe a Blackberry 9530 and unlock it to prep for sale

There are several steps to preparing the BlackBerry 9530 phone prior to resale. Remove the old phone number from the phone, factory reset, wipe, unlock, remove the SIM and SD cards. After reviewing many resources, YouTube videos, and finally a couple of interesting utilities, this is all possible. Requirements 9530EastAsia_v5.0.0.1041_P4.2.0.456 Operating System (optional) BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (“BBSAK”) BlackBerry Reader…

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Hack the Nook Color

There are many different approaches to hacking the Nook Color, some are quite elaborate, some only detailing Linux or Windows procedures from one degree to another. This approach, from what I have read, should not void the warranty of the product. It will allow for either booting into the the original Nook or booting into the Android OS. This is…

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Interesting PDF Tools

There are many tools and utilities that exist that assist in the manipulation of Adobe PDF files, however, some seem more difficult to find than others. This is a list of some of those more difficult to find tools that are interesting and useful for the manipulation of PDFs. It is compiled here to serve as a reminder to me…

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