Innounp, Inno Setup Unpacker 0.23 (Build: 080318) supports INNO Setup 5.2.3

is-welcomeINNO Setup is a free installer for Windows programs available at JRSoftware. There is no official unpacker – the only method of getting the files out of the self-extracting executable is to run it. An open source utility called innounp.exe is maintained at Sourceforge. Sourceforge has maintained version 0.19 online for over a year, however, 0.20 also exists from Sourceforge, if you know the link. With the introduction of INNO Setup version 5.2.3, the existing versions of innounp have proven to be unsucessful. I recently discovered that another versioin of innounp.exe exists and is maintained by ..:: LeecherMods ::.. .

This is a list of files available with the version 0.23 download. innounp.exe is in Chinese, however, does work in the English environment just fine.


I was unable to get this innounp.exe to work with Universal Extractor 1.6, however, did work with InnounW.exe a GUI written in English.


In this example, I decompressed UltraISO 9. Below is a folder structure of the contents.


This is the contents of the .iss file.


Innounp, the INNO Setup Unpacker Downloads
Version 0.19 supports INNO 3.0.0-beta through 5.1.10
Version 0.20 supports INNO through 5.2.2
Version 0.23 supports INNO through 5.2.3 (Chinese)
Version 0.46 supports INNO 2.0.7 through 5.5.9