Factory reset the Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter for Vonage

Factory reset the Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter for Vonage.

Years ago, bought a Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter to connect to Vonage. It has a nice web based interface where I assigned the adapter a static IP. Over time, I changed the layout of my network and wanted to change the IP address of the adapter only to find that I could not even access the web based interface. It turns out that since the adapter is always connected to the internet, Vonage from time to time pushes firmware upgrades. One such upgrade removed the possibility to access the Phone Adapter by using a web based interface, thus removing any possibility of changing the IP address. I found an article that detailed the steps to gain access to the Phone Adapter as well as other information to perform other changes to the adapter. I used this information as was able to access the the Phone Adapter to make my necessary changes with success. Here is the process.

Since you don’t have the GPP_K value of the adapter which has been upgraded to firmware 3.1.9, before going any further, make sure you can FACTORY RESET THE ADAPTER (while it’s disconnected from the internet).

STEP 1: Factory reset the adapter

  • Disconnect the adapter from the internet
  • Connect a simple telephone to LINE1
  • Enter IVR mode by dialing: ****
  • Enter the command: 73738# (i.e. R E S E T #)
  • If/when prompted for password, enter one of the 5 “known/common” Vonage USER passwords:
  • Press the # key after entering a password
  • Repeat the process above until one of the passwords works or you’ve exhausted the list
  • If prompted to “Press 1 to confirm,” do so.

If the adapter successfully factory resets, you may proceed with the next series of steps.
If not, you’re pretty much “stuck” at this point and need to find a working Vonage USER Password.

STEP 2: Attempt to Access the PAP2’s Web Interface and Remove Vonage’s DNS Settings

  • Disconnect the internet connection from your BROADBAND ROUTER or BROADBAND MODEM
  • Connect the PAP2 to your ROUTER
  • Connect a PC to the ROUTER
  • In a web-browser, navigate to the PAP2’s IP address (if you don’t know it, go back into IVR mode and issue command 110#)
  • Go to the “SYSTEM” tab and clear out the “Primary DNS” and “Secondary DNS” entries.

Note: If you can’t access the adapter’s web interface, so long as the adapter remains is connected from the internet, the adapter will take longer to resolve DNS requests (by trying Vonage’s IP addresses first, and after failing to reach them, trying DHCP assigned DNS entries next).


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