Unlock Western Digital WD80EB Drives

I have a few of these Western Digital WD80EB hard drives and understand there is a tool to unlock such drives. The tool is ATAPWD.EXE and may be found using your favorite search engine. I also understand that the master password is WDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWD.  However, the master password gave me error messages. I found this technique (using the ATAPWD.EXE and the known master password) in a forum and it worked for me. Successfully tested June 18, 2008.

1. Connect the hard drive as primary master (remove the jumper)
2. Create a bootable floppy with ATAPWD.EXE on it.
3. Boot from the floppy and launch ATAPWD.EXE select the WD80EB drive and press enter.
4. Select ERASE PREPARE and then ERASE UNIT.
6. It will give you a Busy error, that means it is erasing the drive so please don’t turn off the computer.
7. After 30min press F5 to refresh the list and you will see that the drive has become unlocked

Note: For the final step, I pressed F5 almost immediately after the Busy error.  The result, the drive disappeared from the menu.  After about 10 minutes, I pressed F5 again, the drive was back and unlocked.  The time frame outlined above may be the worst case scenario.

Source: www.xbox-scene.com
Source: www.llamma.com