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Automated Scripted Install of WordPress on CentOS8/RHEL8 Linux

I have written a couple of installation scripts to install WordPress throughout the years.  This is the latest in that series to install WordPress 5 on a minimal install of CentOS8. Among the differences between this script and previous ones, is that this will be installed in it's own directory /wordpress rather than /. Basically, write the script as seen below,...Read More »

Automated Scripted Install of WordPress on CentOS7/RHEL7 Linux

Sometime ago, I wrote an automated script to install WordPress on a CentOS 5 install of Linux. Over the years, the repos and WordPress requirements changed as did CentOS upgrades through CentOS 6. The script was modified accordingly. The script had to be modified considerably for CentOS 7 which facilitates the need for a new article. Here is an automated...Read More »

Add SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Plugin Third Party Brushes To Your WordPress Installation

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved allows you to easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without losing it’s formatting or making any manual changes. It uses the SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev. It is prepackaged with a select handful of brushes, which includes several third-party brushes. There are many more third-party brushes that are available and not part of the plug-in package….

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Making background image fit any screen resolution with CSS

The usual approach for placing a background image is by placing the background within the body using CSS. No modifications are needed to the HTML file for the background to be displayed. However, what if instead of a small repeating image, a much larger, single image is desired. In some resolutions this approach with some slight modifications to the CSS…

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How to use multiple blockquotes in WordPress using CSS

There was a need to use blockquotes for different uses. Warning, Informational, Stop, Go, or as a blockquote. The possibilities are endless. This is possible by giving the blockquote element a class attribute within your (X)HTML or post, and define the class in the style.css file of your theme. This technique was found here. In this example, where the following…

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WordPress SQL Queries for database cleanup

With time your WordPress database may grow out of control. A couple contibuting factors are post revisions, RSS feeds fed through the dashboard. There are plugins that handle basic database optimizations, however, the command line is a quick and dirty way to handle some of these. I have always been aware of the transient RSS entries in the wp_options of…

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Useful Tools that May Help Determine and Fix Hacked WordPress Installations

For one reason or another, your WordPress site may get hacked. Code may be attached to various files throughout the site that could do a wide range of things including site redirection. There are many different types of hacks, however, there are several tools and commands that may prove useful for remediation. If these tools do not re-mediate, then these…

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WordPress Plugin WP-Ratings error [Resolved]

There is a plugin called WP-Ratings. It has worked well over the years until recently. It may have been as a result of a WordPress upgrade. Whatever the cause, WP-Ratings failed to work. The symptoms is that the rating stars were visible, until the user clicked on them. The ratings would become invisible or blank and result in an error…

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Automated Scripted Install of WordPress on CentOS/RHEL Linux

Many WordPress users have enjoyed WordPress using an Internet host provider or on an XAMPP installation on a Windows installation. This exercise is a combination of several guides with some personal tweaks to install WordPress on a fresh install of Linux. More specifically an install of CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Install Packages Using yum install MySQL, Apache,...Read More »

Get Rounded Edges in IE with PIE!

Recently created a WordPress theme where I wanted rounded corners around text boxes, buttons, and forms. Being not too patient with the creation of little corner images to satisfy this requirement within Internet Explorer, I decided to use the -moz-border-radius within the stylesheet. The drawback is that this -moz-border-radius will only work within Mozilla based Internet explorers and not the…

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Resolved: Could Not Backup Website with CPanel

For years the practice had been to backup the website using the Full Backup functionality from within CPanel. It has worked valently until recently. Recent backup attempts would proceed as usual and upon completion send out an email alerting the administrator that the backup had succesfully completed. However, the backup did not successfully complete. The backup was far from complete….

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WordPress: Display Recently Updated Posts with Shortcode

Floating around the Internet is a piece of PHP code that is designed to display recently updated posts/pages in WordPress. For some reason or another, I was unable to get the code to work with the expected results. I attempted to convert the code for use with functions.php and shortcodes with little success. After submitting a request to experts-exchange for…

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