Linksys T-Mobile WRT54G-TM with DD-WRT makes for a faster internet connection.

tmobileboxI recently purchased a Linksys T-Mobile WRT54G-TM with DD-WRT v.24 pre-installed. I wanted it for the client mode so that a couple of remote devices and computer can access the internet without having to wire the house. Originally, all devices were accessing a wireless access point through their wireless network cards. However, after installing the WRT54G-TM router in client mode, I discovered another positive side effect.

The internet connectivity is faster!

Here is a result from a laptop using it’s native wireless card.


After installing the router and plugging the IBM ThinkPad T43 into it using a network cable. Here is the result.


Impressive, it is not enough to describe this result. So if you want to speed your internet connection from remote devices that generally remain stationary, then I would recommend a router with DD-WRT installed and supports client mode.

Although I am using the WRT54G-TM router, technically any router that has DD-WRT pre-installed in the client mode should have similar results.