INI/Helpud.CL Trojan most likely a false positive

After performing a system scan, a single file, Desktop.ini under My Pictures\Desktop.ini was detected as INI/Helpud.CL Trojan and was cured by CA Antivirus. If in fact this were a Trojan, it would have been benign and would not have done any damage to the system. However, I am not the only one reporting this anomaly. Others are reporting the same file in their My Pictures folder as well. Nothing to worry about here, move along as this is most likely a false positive.

Product: eTrust® Antivirus
Version: 7.1.501


I took a look at what Computer Associates may have on this trojan and all that I could find is Win32/Helpud.CL. Which lists several executables:

  • inst.exe
  • inst.exe

Example contents of My Pictures\Desktop.ini taken from another system:
PersonalizedName=My Pictures