How to Setup IIS6 with the Tomcat 5 Connector – Step by Step Guide.

How to Setup IIS6 with the Tomcat 5 Connector – Step by Step Guide.
A complete guide step by step with pictures on how to setup Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0 and Tomcat 5 on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server to use the Tomcat ISAPI redirector.

Prerequisites (installed on test machine)

  • IIS (II6 on MS Windows 2003 SP2)
  • JAVA Development Kit (jdk1.5.0_09)
  • Tomcat (5.5.9)
  • Tomcat Connector | Download

Folder TreeProcedure

Step 1: Add the ISAPI redirect to Tomcat

  • Go to D:\tomcat559\bin\ and create a folder ISAPI.
  • Copy the Tomcat Connector, isapi_redirect-1.2.26.dll to folder ISAPI.
  • Rename isapi_redirect-1.2.26.dll to isapi_redirect.dll

tomcatiis-2Step 2: Modify two Tomcat properties files.

  • Go to D:\tomcat559\conf
  • Rename to to preserve the original settings.
  • Rename to to preserve the original settings.
  • Create a file with the following contents to test the application:

    Note: that to add specific folders that are located in D:\tomcat559\webapps additional lines will need to be added following the same format above.

  • Create a file with the following contents:
    # An entry that lists all the workers defined
    # Entries that define the host and port associated with these workers

properties files in folderStep 3: Modify the registry

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi Redirector.0]

Registry SettingsStep 4: IIS Modifications

  • Open IIS Manager
  • Go to Web Service Extensions and select All Unknown ISAPI Extensions and press the Allow button. The result is the image below.
  • Under Web Site, right click on Default Website. New > Virtual Directory. A wizard will begin, click Next.

tomcatiis-9Select Read and Execute (such as ISAPI …) and click Next.

  • Browse to the appropriate path as we setup in Step 1. In this case D:\Tomcat559\bin\ISAPI.
jakarta as Alias
  • Type jakarta for Alias.

Note: That jakarta is under Default Web Site as a virtual directory. In the right pane, the path points to D:\Tomcat559\bin\ISAPI.

  • Under Web Site, right click on Default Website. Go to properties.
  • Go to ISAPI Filters tab.
  • Press the Add button.
  • For Filter name: jakarta and Executable: D:\Tomcat559\bin\ISAPI\isapi_redirect.dll. Click OK.

tomcatiis-7The result should be Status with a green arrow up, Filter Name, jakarta, and Priority High as indicated in the image below.

tomcatiis-6Step 5: The Test

Remember that the file contains a link /jsp-examples/*=worker1 as seen in the image below.


This correlates with the physical location of D:\Tomcat559\webapps\jsp-examples.


Open up your internet explorer and type in the following the result should be favorable.

IE Good Test

Tip: That the last / is important to the favorable results. If you type without the last / you will get a page not found. Thought I would pass that along, as this added additional time to my testing and reconfiguring.

IE Bad Result

If the preceding result displays JSP Samples then you have successfully configured a IIS >> Tomcat redirector. Done.