Google Urchin 6 Quick Evaluation

urchin6-1Google purchased a web analytics software package, called Urchin. Urchin 6 has evolved into a powerful web analytic for a reasonable fraction of the cost price of applications like WebTrends. Urchin 6 is only available through a selection of Google authorized sellers for $2995. That purchase price includes everything that there is to offer, unlike Urchin 5, where additional modules were needed to perform additional tasks for more money. For the $2995, you may analyze up to 1000 domains. There are a plethera of features, many superior and comparable to the other modern day analytic software applications. However, the one feature that I want (and many do too) is the ability to tag. Urchin 6 only permits log analytics not tagging. This feature is left out so that you may continue to tag through the use of Google Analytics, the online only version.

These screenshots are after setting up Urchin 6, which is fairly straight forward.