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A Windows 10 Upgrade Experience

After the much advertised Microsoft deadline of July 29, 2016 for the FREE Windows 10 upgrade had passed, it turns out that there is an extension for Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies. This upgrade path is still valid as of September 22, 2016, so I thought I would upgrade a Dell i3 laptop from Windows...Read More »

Track Date and Time A Document is Modified using Microsft Word 2007

In a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document it is possible to track modified dates and times from within the document. Instead of manually maintaining a document with a line like Last Modified July 20, 2012, there is built in functionality from within Word that will maintain this date. Launch Microsoft Word and type something like Last Modified. Go to the…

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Microsoft Excel – Turn a “1” into “001”

To convert numbers like 1, 10, 100 to 001,010, and 100 within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, there are a couople of ways to accomplish this. Format–>Cells, Number tab, Choose Custom and type 000 into the short box at the right. In Excel 2007: From the Home tab, go to Cells, select Format, then Format Cells. Go to the Number tab,…

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Create Windows 7 AIO (All In One) DVD

This article will demonstrate how to merge 11 editions of Microsoft Windows 7 onto a single-layer DVD. Except for the Enterprise edition which is not available to the general public, each edition of Microsoft Windows 7 DVD contains all available editions (Starter (available for x86 only) , Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate), however, is locked into a single…

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IIS 6 Compression – The Quick Way

There are many articles that I’ve come across that detail how to enable gzip compression within IIS 6 on a Windows Server 2003 with the Application Server option enabled nder the Configure My Server 2003 wizard. Gzip compression can compress the output of dynamic webpages (.aspx) and webservices (.asmx). It can reduce the filesize significantly. Here is a series of…

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Add missing FSMOs the Active Directory

There was a situation where one of the primary domain controllers would not boot and we were forced to upgrade the other domain controller to the primary controller position. This is an AD domain operating on Windows 2003. All references to the failed server were removed from AD. The AD domain seemed to be functioning correctly, until an attempt was…

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How to enable the RUN command in Windows 7 Start Menu

Working with Windows throughout the years and for many as the primary and only operating system. One can tend to get used to certain features and menu placements. Unlike the previous versions of Windows, Microsoft has intentially removed the RUN command from the Start Menu in Windows 7 and have replaced it with the Windows 7 Search bar. There is…

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Microsoft Windows XP cannot access Vista share

The situation is common. In the past, shared access between computers rather they be Linux, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows XP is a relatively painless and simple process. However, recently, I have encountered increadible difficulty accessing a share from a Windows XP Professional to a Windows Vista share. At first, I thought it to because…

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SQL Query to find duplicate rows

I needed a SQL query that would parse through hundreds of thousands of records and list duplicate content. I found a SQL query that would work and made my own modifications to it so that the query may return the desired results. This is one of those things I will not remember so here is the script. source Even though…

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Microsoft Outlook 2003: Apply Global Custom Views

Microsoft Outlook 2003 forces a default view of which includes AutoPreview, GroupBy Settings, and Reading panes. These settings may be changed at the current view; however, there is no documentation or choice when it comes to changing these settings globally. The settings change for a current view, may not be so bad, if only a few folders existed, however, with…

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