Groove error “Saved account for name is too old ….”

In an attempt to reinstall Groove to correct an error, I wanted to use the saved account file “Account for name.grv”. Groove, however, returned the error “Saved account for name is too old and cannot be used”.

Microsoft explains the cause as “This problem occurs because Groove does not accept account data that is more than 60 days old.” Then continues with the resolution, “To resolve this problem, create a new Groove account file on the original computer by using the Multiple Computers option.”

However, since I did not have another computer to create an account file and was unable to logon to create a file, I simply shutdown Groove, turned back the clock on the workstation for within 60 days of the date of my save account file, and restarted Groove. When prompted, I successfully imported my account and returned the time to the correct date.