BigDump for large MySQL Databases

bigdump-2BigDump performs a staggered import of large and very large MySQL dumps similar to those of the phpMyAdmin 2.x dumps into a new or an existing MySQL database. Other reasons for using this script is if in the even access to the server shell is not possible or for what ever the reason the import fails using phpMyAdmin due to memory and runtime limits.

This article will not describe the installation of BigDump. This is intended to describe a more effecient method to successfully import a database into MySQL and avoid a specific, yet common error.

I discovered an internet video that demonstrates the use of BigDump. The video also demonstrated what to do in the event of an error due to large volumes of data. In the case of a default setting using phpMyAdmin 2.11.7, the Maximal length of created query is set to 50000.


This resulted in an error that may look like this.


Unlike the copy and paste method demonstrated in the video, I changed the number to 300 (although I am certain the number could be much higher).


Then re-exported the database. Although the exported database is considerably larger. I restarted the import.


The result is a successful import.