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MySQL Plugin FEDERATED is disabled resolution

MySQL 5.6.xx  logs may contain a "Note" message that the "Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled." The plugin has been available since MySQL 5.0.3 and is a storage engine that accesses data in tables of remote databases rather than local tables. There is a resolution to this. Log Entries 2019-11-12 21:52:18 2338 [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled. Resolution Then edit the my.cnf...Read More »

MySQL RSA private key file not found resolution

MySQL 5.6  logs may contain a "Note" message that the RSA private key file not found ... and [s]ome authentication plugins will not work. There is a resolution to this. Log Entries 2019-11-12 21:22:15 897 [Note] RSA private key file not found: /var/lib/mysql//private_key.pem. Some authentication plugins will not work. 2019-11-12 21:22:15 897 [Note] RSA public key file not found: /var/lib/mysql//public_key.pem....Read More »

Apply an SSL to MySQL

There is a MySQL 5.6.x install that works wonderfully.  However, a cert was purchased and applied to everything else, so why not apply to the MySQL install too. I ran into a pitfall or two while attempting this, so I am going to write this up in the effort to avoid those pitfalls. The Key file Determine the version of...Read More »

Change Forgotten MariaDB Root Password

This article details how to reset a forgotten MariaDB root password. I am not shedding any new light to this, this is here for a quick reference for me.  The source of this excellent article is at the bottom of the page. Stop the service and start MariaDB in safe mode. There may be a slight hang, just type mysql...Read More »

How to install a specific version of MySQL (or other app) via yum

To install an alternate version of, in this case, MySQL, rather than to accept the version that is available via the base and update yum repositories for CentOS, there are several ways of going about this.  You could install via tar.gz or download RPMs and yum install them directly; however, adding the official MySQL repository will work too.  It is...Read More »

Change Forgotten root password in MySQL 5.7.10

After trying several iterations from multiple websites, a combined effort between them made it possible to change the root password to a MySQL install for MysQL 5.7.10 which has changed over the more recent versions.  Anyway, if you were unsuccessful using other approaches, maybe you found this because you didn't give up.  Hopefully, it will work for you as it...Read More »

MySQL Disable Bin Logging

One of the MySQL servers was running out of space, it turned out to be over 7GB of bin logs filling up the hard drive rather quickly. Since this server is not replicating, then a few modifications to the my.ini or my.cnf file will disable this “feature”. Edit the my.cnf file. Yours may be somewhere so search for it with…

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MySQL Reset root Password

Every now and again a MySQL root password may have been forgotten or undocumented along the way, but that does not negate the need to access the MySQL server. There is a way to gain access to the MySQL server to change the password for root and eventually log in as root. Applies to: CentOS / RHEL / Scientific Linux…

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