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A MySql ibdata1 Optimization Technique

A MySql database needed to be removed and upon deletion of that single database, the extremely large three gigabite ibdata1 (data) file remained. Here are the steps I took to reduce or shrink the file once the database was removed. Since there was no other use for this MySql installation, there remained the MySql system databases. Show Databases Backup Databases…

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BigDump for large MySQL Databases

BigDump performs a staggered import of large and very large MySQL dumps similar to those of the phpMyAdmin 2.x dumps into a new or an existing MySQL database. Other reasons for using this script is if in the even access to the server shell is not possible or for what ever the reason the import fails using phpMyAdmin due to…

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Commands to shrink the SQL Server transacation log

I recently encountered a database that was 4 MB in size with it’s respective transaction log at 460 MB. The transaction log is used in a recovery model to restore the database to a point in time. I wanted to reduce the size of the transaction log. More importantly, I wasn’t exactly clear as to why a transaction log of…

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