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NFL Pick ‘Em for 2019 Season

NFL PHP Pick 'Em is a free php web app that allows you to host a weekly NFL pick 'em football pool on your website.  This fantastic tool replaced the use of spreadsheets.  There was a time that this tool was not supported.  However, I just checked out the www.phpickem.org website it is is updated for 2019. I wish I...Read More »

BigDump for large MySQL Databases

BigDump performs a staggered import of large and very large MySQL dumps similar to those of the phpMyAdmin 2.x dumps into a new or an existing MySQL database. Other reasons for using this script is if in the even access to the server shell is not possible or for what ever the reason the import fails using phpMyAdmin due to…

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SQL Query to find duplicate rows

I needed a SQL query that would parse through hundreds of thousands of records and list duplicate content. I found a SQL query that would work and made my own modifications to it so that the query may return the desired results. This is one of those things I will not remember so here is the script. source Even though…

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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition vs. Developer Edition

Recently encountered the question as to the difference between Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition vs. Developer Edition. At the time, I didn’t have the answer. Now I do. Enterprise Edition will not install on Microsoft Windows XP; however, the Developer Edition will. I also compared the folder structure, for differences. Essentially, the SQLSERVR.INI checks the SKU from the SETUP.INI…

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