One way to check if USB or DVD is bootable

You may have put a lot of time creating that perfect ISO or even downloading one for use as a bootable USB or DVD.  As with many cool projects, you let this one go and moved on to something else.  Then the need to revisit that perfect ISO has returned and all those web pages you had opened are closed...Read More »

How to create a directory with permissions in Linux

The other day I was reading through some newsgroups on how to better automate a script.  Part of the script contained an interesting command that looked promising; however, could not get it work. This is the command. While it looks interesting, a quick execution of it created three directories, icinga:icinga, 0700, and mydirectory. This was not the desired effect. Looking...Read More »

Disable Sleep mode using powercfg

After setting a Windows 7 computer sometime ago, I started to receive complaints that it kept going to sleep.  There is a GUI way of doing things, and fortunately, Microsoft has provided us with a command. Source(s) More »

Elasticsearch bootstrap checks failed [RESOLVED]

After installing Elasticsearch the application failed to start with a bootstrap error. The resolution was to modify three files. After logging off, logging back on, the user account successfully started Elasticsearch. Source More »

“cannot set user id: Resource temporarily unavailable” [Resolved]

There are several servers that seemed to be setup identically with a local user account called user1 which may be found using getent passwd user1. However, for one reason or another, the account had become inaccessible and returned an error. Although a reboot of the CentOS 6 server resolved the issue, I wanted to know more. It is Linux after...Read More »

CentOS server not found in Windows Network Neighborhood

There is a CentOS 7 file server that is accessible and works well; however, the Microsoft Windows Network Neighborhood does not display it. After some digging around, there is a simple fix for that. Edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file and under the [global] section add/modify the following lines to look like this. Then restart the service. This integer value controls what...Read More »

Bash History without line numbers

The history command is a command that I use daily. It can be used to list Bash's log of the commands that you have typed. The results of that command include line numbers. Every now and again, it would be nice to execute history to retrieve a list without line numbers. This would greatly simplify the creation of script. it...Read More »

Icinga 2 won’t start after an upgrade

A CentOS 7 server running Icinga 2 was recently updated using yum update killed the service. The service simply did not restart. The reason turned out to be quite simple. The resolution is just as simple. According to the Icinga docs, upgrading Icinga 2 is usually quite straightforward. Ordinarily the only manual steps involved are scheme updates for the IDO...Read More »