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Verizon LG VX8300 incomplete MP3 list

Problem: The Verizion LG VX8300 phone does not recognize all songs. Detail The standard Verizon LG VX8300 cell phone is equipped to with a very small amount of memory. So, I added a 1 GB micro Sandisk card to the phone. On the card, added 90 songs comprising of both MP3 and WMA formats. The version of firmware of this…

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Uniden TRU8885-2 will not Deregister

The TRU8885-2 from Uniden is a cordless phone with a built-in answering machine, caller ID compatibility, and expandability to 10 handsets (model TCX800). It comes with one handsets, one that recharges in the base unit and another that recharges in the included remote charging cradle. The latter requires only an AC outlet, so you don’t have to worry about additional…

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