Rocky 9: Failed to start Switch Root [Resolved]

Rocky 9 installed relatively easily on Proxmox using host as the processor of choice. Even the dnf update to Rocky 9.1 went as smooth as anticipated until the reboot. The system simply did not want to boot into the new Rocky 9.1 kernel. I tweaked every setting that I could without success. A boot back to the Rocky 9.0 kernel was successful. After reverting all the settings back and booting into the Rocky 9.0 kernel, I figured out a resolution to this problem.


As seen in the screenshot below, the system is booting into Rocky Linux 9.1.

The boot fails with a “Failed to start Switch Root” message and boots into emergency mode.


Reboot, into the Rocky Linux 9.0 and run one command.

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Reboot again into Rocky Linux 9.1 successfully!


The following source, inspired my solution. The video below made changes to the kernel before executing a grub2-mkconfig. This solution does not.