RCA Universal Remote Control CRK91F / D900

remote-tnA universal remote control was needed to operate an old Pioneer LaserDisc player. While the LaserDisc functions within its operating parameters, it lacks in functionality without a remote control. I discovered that the RCA universal remote control, model D900, supported the Pioneer LaserDisc; however, none were available. After reviewing many images of the CRK91F, the conclusion was drawn that the CRK91F and D900 RCA universal remote controls are one in the same.

A CRK91F was purchased. Programming the remote became the new delima. Searching the Internet resulted the quest for programming codes and information. Considerable searches for the guide, did not reveal any on RCA’s website, however one was found at Retrevo.

From the guide:

Setting Up the Remote
The D900 Universal Remote can be programmed to control the DSS Digital Satellite Systems, VCRs, TVs, Laserdisc players, and Cable boxes that are remote controllable.

Programming the Remote
The remote has already been programmed for RCA, GE, and ProScan TVs and VCRs. Other manufacturer’s brands need to be programmed. To determine whether your remote needs to be programmed for the TV or VCR button, point the remote at the device and press the device button. If the device turns on, then the remote is already programmed. If not, follow these steps to program the remote.

  1. Look up your brand and its code number(s) on the code list.
  2. Press and hold the device button.
  3. Enter the three-digit code from the specific code list.
  4. Press CHAN UP or DOWN to see if the channel changes on the device. If it doesn’t, try the next code listed for your brand.
  5. Repeat these steps until pressing the CHAN UP/DOWN buttons changes the channel.

Also, the ALT button can be used for a second TV or VCR device, laserdisc player, or cable box. Because no laserdisc or cable box button appears on the remote, substitute the VCR button for a laserdisc player and the DSS button for the cable box. Here’s an example of how the ALT button is programmed for a Cablestar cable box:

  1. Press and hold the ALT button.
  2. Press the DSS button.
  3. Press 007.
  4. Release the ALT button and press the CHAN UP button.
  5. If the channel does not change on the cable box, repeat steps 1 through 4 using one of the other code numbers listed for Cablestar.
  6. Repeat steps until channel changes. When the channel changes, you have programmed the remote.

Laserdisc Player Codes
RCA………………………………033 Pioneer …………………………033

Download the original documentation with all the other codes.

  RCA Universal Remote User Guide (71.2 KiB, 1,718 hits)