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RCA Universal Remote Control CRK91F / D900

A universal remote control was needed to operate an old Pioneer LaserDisc player. While the LaserDisc functions within its operating parameters, it lacks in functionality without a remote control. I discovered that the RCA universal remote control, model D900, supported the Pioneer LaserDisc; however, none were available. After reviewing many images of the CRK91F, the conclusion was drawn that the…

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Connect to VNCServer on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is remote control software to allow computers interact with one another as a server and client. It is developed to ease the administration of remote machines without using the console. For Windows users, there may be a a familiar feel similar to that of Windows Terminal Services (RDP). VNCServer is standard on a Red Hat Enterprise…

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Access Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with XManager Remote Control

NetSarnag Computer, Inc. offers a product called XManager 3 that will enable a Windows workstation to access a Linux box. However, there are some configuration changes that need to be made on the Linux box for this application to work. The documentation offered by netSarang Computer, Inc. is far from accurate as it looks outdated. Too many assumptions are made….

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