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smbclient error in Mounting CIFS and NFS

There is a known working samba share.  There are servers that connect to it.  All of them happen to be Windows boxes.  However, wanted to connect a Linux (CentOS 7) to it.  When testing for a connection, it failed with an error message. The command and the error. The resolution turned out to be a simple one.  Update the client...Read More »

WordPress Plugin WP-Ratings error [Resolved]

There is a plugin called WP-Ratings. It has worked well over the years until recently. It may have been as a result of a WordPress upgrade. Whatever the cause, WP-Ratings failed to work. The symptoms is that the rating stars were visible, until the user clicked on them. The ratings would become invisible or blank and result in an error…

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Solution to the WordPress Plugin WPTouch Returns a 404 Error when the Category is Empty.

There is an excellent plugin for WordPress called WPTouch. It’s purpose is to format web content to display more appropriately on portable devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, and other similar interfaces. It is extremely customizable. One of the nagging issues that I had had with this plugin is that it contains it’s own function for displaying categories. The problem…

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EMC Documentum eRoom “incorrect type” error and fix

When attempting to import eRooms into a new installation of the following error message may appear: Unfortunately, eRoom was unable to process this dialog, because this operation could not be performed. The object or data that eRoom was manipulating was of an incorrect type for the operation being performed on it. The resolution as directed by the EMC technical support…

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EMC Documentum eRoom error code 0x80040fff fix

After installing EMC Documentum eRoom and when attempting to create an eRoom site. The following error message may occur: Unfortunately, eRoom was unable to create the site, because of an unanticipated error (0x80040fff) Couldn’t find the resolution anywhere, there were many articles that touched on the subject but not as thorough as I needed. It turned out to be something…

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Windows could not search for new updates Error Code 80245003 fix

This little script will fix the Windows could not search for new updates Error Code 80245003 error message. It also serves another purpose. Whenever I create a new image, I want to eliminate as much clutter as possible for the smallest possible image. Sometimes the SoftwareDistribution folder can contain 100s of megabytes of files that are unneeded for an image….

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Groove error “Saved account for name is too old ….”

In an attempt to reinstall Groove to correct an error, I wanted to use the saved account file “Account for name.grv”. Groove, however, returned the error “Saved account for name is too old and cannot be used”. Microsoft explains the cause as “This problem occurs because Groove does not accept account data that is more than 60 days old.” Then…

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