Cannot connect to remote MySQL database. Resolution.

While attempting to access a remote MySQL database, you may be presented with a permissions error. There are several ways to resolve this via command line or via MySQL Administrator a GUI. MySQL Administrator is a program for performing administrative operations, such as configuring, monitoring and starting and stopping a MySQL server, managing users and connections, performing backups, and a number of other administrative tasks. This article will focus on resolution through the MySQL Administrator.

MySQL Workbench Tutorial & MySQL Introduction

If you are looking for a good primer on how to use MySQL Workbench, which has long sense replaced MySQL Administrator, and navigate through some of it’s relevant features, please consider reading this article by Chirag Sharma at Guru99.

Using MySQL Administrator for Resolution

  • Download and install MySQL Administrator.
    MySQL Administrator
  • Login to MySQL Administrator
  • Goto User Administration and right click on user (ie root)
    User Administration
  • From drop down menu select “Add host from which the user can connect
    Drop Down Menu
  • From the popup box, type %
    PopUp Box
  • Save
  • Done

The Result

Original Setting: Before.
Original Default Setting
Modified Setting: After.
Modified Setting