Documentum 5.3 SP5 Application Builder install error and resolution

Recently, we had upgraded Documentum 5.25 SP5 to Documentum 5.3 SP5. We proceeded to upgrade the client workstations without error. When attempting to upgrade the image of the workstation, I received an unusual error. Documentum 5.3 SP5 Application Builder appears to install correctly until the pop-up error “Failed to verfy/update MFC dll entry in registry – Expression failed: str != NULL;”.

The solution was found in the Documentum Developer forums at

At a command prompt, type the following:
C:\>cd %SystemRoot%\system32 (or where ever your directory is located.)
C:\WINDOWS\system32>regsvr32 mfc42.dll

However, my solution, more simplified.
Start > Run > regsvr32 mfc42.dll

Tested and worked successfully. The installation was a success.