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No New text document with right click on Vista or XP

On several different machines, each running Windows, the right-click to create a new text document option is not available. I don’t know if it is a service pack related issue or version of Windows or an application that was installed that caused this annoyance. I am leaning against it being the cause of the operating system as one system is…

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Windows Vista Default Folder Template Patch

Based on the contents of a folder, Windows Vista will attempt to select a default view. In more cases than not, Windows Vista selects a view that is inconsistent with the folder content or most likely not the desirable view. An example of this may be a folder of documents and pictures and the default view will be for Music…

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Apply SP1 to Windows Vista and lose search

Ever since there has been a Microsoft Windows there has been some sort of easily accessible search feature. All the way through the ever troublesome Microsoft Windows Vista. However, after applying service pack 1 to Microsoft Vista, the search is removed from all the context menus. According to one source, the removal of the contextual search is as a result…

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