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Remote Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2003 using Regedit

Remote Desktop on Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 will allow access to a Windows session that is running on another computer from your local computer. However, this feature must be enabled to do so. I recently setup a Windows Server 2003 server and forgot to enable remote access. To enable remote access, you can right click on Computer…

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How to Change the Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key

There are many situations that come to mind as to the reason why someone would want to change the product key. Such examples may be changing from a retail key to a volume license key or vice versa or to remove the license on a computer that you are selling, this would require the enduser to supply their appropriately purchased…

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Disable Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows 2003 using regedit

Disable Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows 2003 using regedit It is widely known how to disable the Shutdown Event Tracker using gpedit.msc, however, I needed a method to accomplish this using regedit. To disable Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows 2003 using regedit, change the ShutdownReasonOn from 1 (enable) to 0 (disable) The source of this tip is found in the…

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Microsoft Office 2003 missing SKU011.CAB

A recent update hosed the installation of Microsoft Office 2003. Whenever someone attempted to launch Excel, it would begin the installation process then a popup indicating that SKU011.CAB could not be found. The solution is to open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Delivery\. Once there you will see a string similar to this one {90xx0409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}. The xx may be most likely…

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Change Background Color at Logon or CTL-ALT-DEL

Change CTL-ALT-DEL Background Color Annoyance:All servers in server environment had a gray background at login, except for one. The reason for this difference is that one server had been upgraded from an earlier version of Windows. To change the background to the desired shade of grey, edit the following settings in the registry with regedit. Note:The color codes are RGB,…

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Internet Explorer 7 Registry Tweaks

Internet Explorer 7 features a few changes to the interface that vere away from the “classic” look. Here are a few registry tweaks that will make the IE7 look and feel appear more like the traditional IE6 layout. Internet Explorer 7.0 Registry Tweaks and Customizations Standard toolbar in default position with search Standard Toolbar Above Address Bar Move the standard…

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Hot to enable a Symantec Antivirus LiveUpdate that is grayed out

We have had several computers that were recently reloaded that had the Symantec Antivirus LiveUpdate grayed out or locked out.  This may be as a result of a group policy or policy pushed through the Symantec server, however, there is an easy fix for this.  To re-enable Symantec LiveUpdate using the following code and regedit. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00...Read More »