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How to add desktop icons on CentOS 7

For the most part, I prefer to work using the terminal on a minimal install of Linux; however, there are those occasional times where the GUI is necessary.  Recently faced with having to add a few desktop shortcuts to the Desktop posed a bit of a problem for me. Basically, wanted to achieve two things, a Desktop icon to launch...Read More »

Add the Outlook 2003 Desktop Icon

In earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook, users could right-click an Outlook desktop icon and then click Properties, allowing them to create e-mail accounts, change profiles, and so on. Problem So that Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 complies with Microsoft Windows XP certification requirements, the desktop icon is not installed with Outlook. Users can access the Properties option by clicking Start and…

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Change desktop and message box fonts

To change the fonts or colors for desktop items on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system: Right-click an empty area on your desktop, and then click Properties. Click the Appearance tab. Click the Advanced button. (This step is missing from Microsoft KB.) In the Item box, click any of the following items: Active Title Bar Icon Inactive Title Bar Menu…

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