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How to wipe a Blackberry 9530 and unlock it to prep for sale

There are several steps to preparing the BlackBerry 9530 phone prior to resale. Remove the old phone number from the phone, factory reset, wipe, unlock, remove the SIM and SD cards. After reviewing many resources, YouTube videos, and finally a couple of interesting utilities, this is all possible. Requirements 9530EastAsia_v5.0.0.1041_P4.2.0.456 Operating System (optional) BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (“BBSAK”) BlackBerry Reader…

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BlackBerry Messenger is Installed but No Icon – Resolved!

There are many users in the BlackBerry user community whom has complained that for one reason or another their BlackBerry Messenger is no longer accessible. BlackBerry apps indicates that it is installed, however, there is no means to access this application. This anomalous behavior recently effected this user. Although this did annoyance existed, it turns out to have been the…

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