CentOS server not found in Windows Network Neighborhood

There is a CentOS 7 file server that is accessible and works well; however, the Microsoft Windows Network Neighborhood does not display it. After some digging around, there is a simple fix for that. Edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file and under the [global] section add/modify the following lines to look like this. Then restart the service. This integer value controls what...Read More »

Bash History without line numbers

The history command is a command that I use daily. It can be used to list Bash's log of the commands that you have typed. The results of that command include line numbers. Every now and again, it would be nice to execute history to retrieve a list without line numbers. This would greatly simplify the creation of script. it...Read More »

Icinga 2 won’t start after an upgrade

A CentOS 7 server running Icinga 2 was recently updated using yum update killed the service. The service simply did not restart. The reason turned out to be quite simple. The resolution is just as simple. According to the Icinga docs, upgrading Icinga 2 is usually quite straightforward. Ordinarily the only manual steps involved are scheme updates for the IDO...Read More »

Change Forgotten MariaDB Root Password

This article details how to reset a forgotten MariaDB root password. I am not shedding any new light to this, this is here for a quick reference for me.  The source of this excellent article is at the bottom of the page. Stop the service and start MariaDB in safe mode. There may be a slight hang, just type mysql...Read More »

A Kernel Panic and Resolution

While performing yum updates on CentOS 7 minimal install virtual servers, I came across a problem server.  The server needed a reboot after performing a hardware change.  It did not come back up. It had a Kernel Panic error.  I did so many things to that server, I didn't know what the cause for the panic was, but fortunately I...Read More »

A Windows 10 Upgrade Experience

After the much advertised Microsoft deadline of July 29, 2016 for the FREE Windows 10 upgrade had passed, it turns out that there is an extension for Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies. This upgrade path is still valid as of September 22, 2016, so I thought I would upgrade a Dell i3 laptop from Windows...Read More »

Dell Latitude E6420 Supports 16GB RAM

Although it is well documented that the Dell Latitude E6420 supports up to 8GB of RAM.  Since memory prices have dropped over time, it was well worth the chance to upgrade the 8GB of RAM to 16GB of RAM.  This may not work for everyone, but, it certainly worked on one Dell Latitude E6420 laptop. Using the memory scanner...Read More »

Upgrade Windows 95 to Windows 95B the easy way

There was a time when Microsoft Windows 95 ruled the scene. That time has come to pass a long time ago. However, while going through some 20 year old notes, I came across this little gem to upgrade a system that has Microsoft DOS 6.22 with Microsoft Windows 95 to Microsoft Windows 95B and keep the settings and files in...Read More »