Create a logon banner in Linux

One file that may be edited is the /etc/motd file. To create a nice custom /etc/motd using ASCII / ANSI fonts, there is a little gem that can be installed on the local Linux box to allow you create some spectacular fonts, it is called figlet. Once you have added the epel repository to your system, it is as simple...Read More »

How to Build the latest mod_jk RPM

mod_jk is an Apache module used to connect the Tomcat servlet container with web servers such as Apache. It has come increasingly difficult to find a an apache2-mod_jk-1.2.37-4.1.src.rpm or apache2-mod_jk-1.2.37-4.1.rpm as some of the links are now dead.  However, after tracking down a copy of the apache2-mod_jk-1.2.37-4.1.src.rpm, a modification or two to the .spec file along with the official .tar.gz...Read More »

How to Build a Better haproxy RPM

There are several RPM builds of haproxy that can be found throughout the Internet.  There are GitHub repositories with customized .spec files to build your own RPM.  In fact, there is an haproxy.spec file that may be found in the official .tar.gz file under examples.  However, here is a unique way to build one as close to the original, haproxy-1.5.4-2.el6.rpm,...Read More »

How to escape double quotes in sed

A recent attempt to replace a string within double quotes "string value" while using sed resulted in much trial and error. A quick Internet search revealed a working answer.  It is here for my reference. I wanted to replace "this value" with "that one" in a file, we'll call testfile.  According to multiple sources, the sed command allows the use...Read More »

Install VMware tools on CentOS

There is a great deal of material on this subject.  However, this guide is a simplistic one for my reference.  If anyone should find it useful, that would be great too. Here are the steps to install VMware tools on Linux CentOS 6 and Linux CentOS 7. CentOS 6: Install VMware tools From within the VMware  vSPhere Client: navigate Home...Read More »

RDP into CentOS 7 with XRDP

From the man page, xrdp is a remote desktop protocol (RDP) server. Unlike Windows, xrdp will not display a Windows desktop but an X window desktop to the user. To install on a CentOS 7 Linux box with a GUI installed, turns out to be quite simple. A prerequisite will be the EPEL repository. Now that EPEL is ready, install...Read More »

Change Forgotten root password in MySQL 5.7.10

After trying several iterations from multiple websites, a combined effort between them made it possible to change the root password to a MySQL install for MysQL 5.7.10 which has changed over the more recent versions.  Anyway, if you were unsuccessful using other approaches, maybe you found this because you didn't give up.  Hopefully, it will work for you as it...Read More »


ScreenFetch is a Bash Screenshot Information Tool, that generates terminal information and ASCII distribution logos.  After seeing it somewhere, I thought I would have to try it out.  I'm glad I did. There are several ways that this can be installed, here is one I elected to use. After ensuring that it runs, I updated the man page and added...Read More »