Install and use ncsd for name service caching

According to Red Hat, "[t]he Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd) is a service that runs in the background and keeps a copy of /etc/passwd, /etc/group, [/etc/netgroup, /etc/services] and /etc/hosts files in /var/db/nscd/ directory. This can aid performance by reducing disk read overhead on a heavily loaded system dealing with many logins or name resolution requests." The installation and usage is...Read More »

Unable to update ca-certificates

Working on an early install of CentOS 6 and trying to update the system, the update failed. Even an attempt to update the ca-certificates failed. It turns out that the EPEL repository was the cause of this. To work past the offending EPEL repository and upgrade the ca-certificates, the following command works. Upon completion, a simple, yum update will work....Read More »

How to install a specific version of MySQL (or other app) via yum

To install an alternate version of, in this case, MySQL, rather than to accept the version that is available via the base and update yum repositories for CentOS, there are several ways of going about this.  You could install via tar.gz or download RPMs and yum install them directly; however, adding the official MySQL repository will work too.  It is...Read More »
SpamAssassin Logo

Use an RESL with SpamAssassin to Greatly Reduce Spam provides the Registered Email Send List (RESL) as a free lookup to anyone that would like to use it. It is also provided to those who have registered a domain here at The RESL is provided using a system that is similar to a DNS lookup. It is even more similar to a DNSRBL lookup. The RESL, however,...Read More »

Add SMTP STARTTLS Support in Sendmail

Configure Sendmail email server to use SSL encryption for sending/receiving email. This is an example of using a CA certificate rather than a self-signed certificate.  This article assumes that the CA certificate is already in place and ready to go. Modify the /etc/mail/ file.  Find the section with similar variables that is commented out and copy this under it. At...Read More »

Add Java JDK 8 Support to Confluence 5.6.1

Since the release of Atlassian Confluence 5.7, Java JDK 8 is officially supported. However, legacy versions of Confluence, in this particular case, version 5.6.1 is only officially supported through Java JDK 7.  From my reading only supported through Java JDK 7 Build 75. From java 7u767 and Java 8 onward, -Xloggc no longer accepts filenames with a ":" in it. ...Read More »

Create a logon banner in Linux

One file that may be edited is the /etc/motd file. To create a nice custom /etc/motd using ASCII / ANSI fonts, there is a little gem that can be installed on the local Linux box to allow you create some spectacular fonts, it is called figlet. Once you have added the epel repository to your system, it is as simple...Read More »

How to Build the latest mod_jk RPM

mod_jk is an Apache module used to connect the Tomcat servlet container with web servers such as Apache. It has come increasingly difficult to find a an apache2-mod_jk-1.2.37-4.1.src.rpm or apache2-mod_jk-1.2.37-4.1.rpm as some of the links are now dead.  However, after tracking down a copy of the apache2-mod_jk-1.2.37-4.1.src.rpm, a modification or two to the .spec file along with the official .tar.gz...Read More »