Install and upgrade nginx on CentOS6

Nginx is a web server. It can act as a reverse proxy server, as well as a load balancer and an HTTP cache. There was a need for an nginx reverse proxy (RP), so found a set of instructions that worked. However, after implementing those instructions, and getting everything configured, it was a determined a newer version of Nginx was...Read More »

Another way to install Java JDK 8

I have written on and improved upon the installation process for Oracle's Java JDK over the years.  Creating a script with a hard-coded filename has a considerable drawback, particularly as it pertains to Java JDK. Oracle updates their product often and with a naming convention that doesn't permit for any reasonable guess as to what the next version should be. ...Read More »

Install DOSBox on CentOS 7

There are so many websites and YouTube videos that indicate and demonstrate that it is possible to install and use DOSBox on CentOS 7.  I tried many different things which all seemed to roadblock at the prerequisite for Ranging from building from source that one specific prerequisite, where the build was apparently successful, the prerequisite still remained.  A build...Read More »

Create a man page

This little exercise is to create a man page.  The goal is to take a simple online man page that is in XML and copy into a text file.  Add a couple of markups here and there, test, and validate it. Create a manpage Additional examples and options are available on the author's site, here.  I took that html page...Read More »

Display Man pages in color

While learning about the creation of man pages, I came across something that I had not considered before, man page in color?  This can be done with a little installation of most. Using a CentOS 6 minimal install, most can be installed via yum. Add most to the environment. Check out the man pages in color. Source(s)  Read More »

Using shc to compile a shell script

Not being a programmer, I do write a descent shell script from time to time.  In the Microsoft world, there are all sorts of script compilers that will compile a batch, visual basic, or any number of other scripts into an executable.  A benefit of an executable could be the files portability or even an attempt to obfuscate the code. ...Read More »

Rebuild the virtual machine’s .vmx file from vmware.log

While attempting to diagnose a problem where there are a couple of (orphaned) virtual machines as identified by the VMware vSphere Client, one of interest seemed to have all the files in the datastore, however, upon closer inspection the .vmx file was zero byte.  The .vmx file can be rebuilt with the vmware.log file. Basically, I downloaded the most recent...

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Windows Vista Default Folder Template Patch (AutoIT Script)

In 2008,I put together several solutions to prevent Windows Vista from automatically selecting a default view, which was generally inconsistent with the folder content. The purpose of this article is to take the first solution of that article that was found on and create a nice little utility using AutoIT. It hasn't been fully burned in but there may...

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