Install CentOS 7 on a GPT labeled disk

For one reason or another it was difficult to find the “complete” answer to installing CentOS 7 on a GPT labeled disk.  For the most part the answer was too complicated, incomplete, or inaccurate. After some trial and error the answer turns out to be a simple one.


  • Basically, insert your CD/DVD for the install
  • When presented with this screen, highlight the “Install CentOS 7” from the menu. (DO NOT PRESS ENTER).
  • Press Tab (as indicated in the blue lettering on the bottom).
  • Append to the end of the line inst.gpt (highlighted in green below).
  • Press Enter to continue.
  • Continue with the installation as normal.
  • After the reboot, use fdisk -l to determine Disk label type.  And note that it is gpt.

This was an example of a very basic install only to demonstrate the creation of a gpt disk.