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Windows 11: Install on VMware Workstation

There are CPU, TPM 2.0, and RAM requirements that must be met to install Microsoft Windows 11. These requirements are met when installing as a VM on VMware Workstation 16.  This has successfully been tested on October 6, 2021 with the official Microsoft ISO. while preforming a fresh install of Microsoft Windows 11. After you get past the setup screen,...Read More »

NFL Pick ‘Em for 2021-2022 Season Schedule

I had written a little clever script for last season that was supposed to work for every season until the end of time. Well, those hopes were crushed when the NFL changed their links to something that I cannot identify.  The following script is a culmination of several hours of work, many edits and minor scripts to search and replace....Read More »

Windows 10 Path to Current Desktop Backgrounds

Microsoft has made it increasingly impossible to easily manage a Microsoft Windows 10 system.  The act of applying a new background to the desktop is relatively simple. But what if you would like to use that image elsewhere; where is this file stored. This wouldn't be necessary if the background that was applied still existed at it's original source. Here...Read More »

Set alias from sh script in ESXi 6

Some Linux distributions have a great little shortcut ll for ls -la and it can be a real time saver.  The ESXi 6.7 server does not offer this alias by default; however, it can be added quite easily. #!/bin/sh alias ll="ls -la" Add this to the profile. .~/.profile Source(s) More »

DNF Update: DB_RUNRECOVERY Fatal error, run database recovery

YUM and DNF updates are sensitive to interruption. Meaning, that when interrupted, there is a strong change that the database will become corrupted and the next yum attempt will result with a DB_RUNRECOVERY Fatal error. As scary as that may appear, it resolution is simple. Sensitive as it may be, it is quite resilient. $ mv /var/lib/rpm/__db* /tmp/ $ rpm...Read More »

Proxmox Dark Theme

It was an accidental and welcome discovery to find that there is an available dark theme that may easily be applied to your Proxmox install and looks fantastic. There are two available methods for installation, one is python and the other via bash.  The python installation is deprecated in favor of the bash script.  It should also be noted that...Read More »

Clone of Proxmox Server Created Ghost Ceph Servers in Unknown Status [Resolved]

While creating a test environment for three Proxmox servers, one of the servers was cloned before realizing it was easier and faster to simply build up the next virtual machine.  Everything looked fine except when setting up the ceph monitors, managers, and meta data servers, the cloned server had two entries.  One was good with the green checkmark and another...Read More »

Migrate CentOS to Another Distro

Since CentOS Linux 8 will lose support on December 31, 2021 and the focus will be solely on CentOS Stream 8, which is continuously delivered distro that tracks just ahead of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) development, positioned as a midstream between Fedora Linux and RHEL, many are looking for alternatives.  Thankfully they exist and there are conversions that I...Read More »

Resolve conflicting requests with perl:5.26

After a CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux 8 conversion attempt that went surprisingly well, there appeared to be an amanous error message that presented itself each time a simple command of yum list installed was issued. Problem Problem 1: conflicting requests - nothing provides module(perl:5.26) needed by module perl-DBD-MySQL:4.046:8030020210430225703:3a70019f-0.x86_64 Problem 2: conflicting requests - nothing provides module(perl:5.26) needed by module...Read More »

Add VMware ovftool to ESXi 6.7 or Proxmox VE 6.1

Older versions of ESXi IIRC allowed for the direct export to ova. I recently came across a process that is not supported; however, is supposed to allow for the copy of ovftools over to a Proxmox and ESXi servers.  There exists an extracted version of VMware ovftool on github. However, it is version 4.1.0 and expect to encounter issues with…

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Rocky Linux 8.4 is here!

Rocky Linux is here and more importantly, Rocky Linux 8.4 is just released.  According the Rocky Linux forums, this may be another release candidate as this was posted on May 28, 2021, ".he plan now is to get a 8.4 RC out there and then push that to a GA release. We learned a lot from our 8.3 RC, and...Read More »

Windows Firewall to Block WAN and Allow LAN Only Access

You want to test an applications capabilities on your local network and block all other networks and Internet access while on your Microsoft Windows 10 system.  This process was tested using Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.1440).  Assume for this experiment that you want to allow any computer or device access to and from this workstation that is found on the...Read More »