Webtrends Report Exporter fails on Windows 7.

Where once things had worked, a user had upgraded from a Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. In doing so, the Webtrends Report Exporter that was prepackaged with a slightly older version of Webtrends failed to install. Once the installation issues seemed to iron out after much trial and error with permissions and with running as administrator on each of the various batch files that were calls from within other batch files, nothing worked. Until a quick search on the internet.

In the Webtrends Knowledge Base is a solution to the Webtrends Report Exporter installation problem that works. The following is from the Webtrends Knowledge Base.

When attempting to install Webtrends Report Exporter on Windows 7, the screen flashes and nothing happens.

Users must be a local Administrator for Report Exporter to install and run properly.

To install Report Exporter, first install Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0 Update 13 or higher. The latest version of the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be downloaded from the following URL:


If more than one version of the JRE is installed it is recommended that all other versions of Java be uninstalled first, after which the latest version can be then be installed.

Webtrends Report Exporter is included among the Webtrends Client Components package available for download at the following URLs:

Webtrends On Demand – http://webtrends.cnc.net/WRC/9.5/95-final-components.zip

Webtrends Analytics – http://webtrends.cnc.net/WRC/8.7d/87d-MR01-final-components.zip

Extract the contents of the package, and in the Report Exporter folder right-click on “ReportExporter.msi” and select “Run as Administrator,” after which the Report Exporter should install.

Another KB article from Webtrends Knowledge Base details a resolution to the error that reads “The required version of Webtrends report exporter is not currently installed, Please contact you administrator for assistance.” The following is from that KB.

When attempting to export a report you receive the following error: The required version of Webtrends report exporter is not currently installed, Please contact your administrator for assistance.

1. Uninstall the Webtrends Report Exporter from add/remove programs in windows.
2. Uninstall all versions of Java from add/remove programs in windows.
3. Restart the work station.
4. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment version 6 update 17.
5. Log in to Webtrends and attempt to export, the Report Rxporter should download and install automatically.

If after uninstalling the Webtrends Report Exporter it still shows up under add/remove programs or the user interface displays errors indicating the system
believes the Report Exporter is still installed:

Delete the following two registry keys (ensure the registry is backed up prior to making any changes):


Reboot the workstation for the registry changes to take effect.

If the report exporter does not download and install automatically then:

1. Download the client components manually from here:

For Webtrends On Demand:


For Webtrends Analytics:

It can be downloaded directly from the server of a software installation by using the URL below (modified to include the server name and port):


2. Extract the contents to a folder and locate the report exporter folder and run –

For Windows 7 or Vista = right-click on “ReportExporter.msi” and select “Run as Administrator,” after which the Report Exporter should install.

For all other windows versions = right-click on “Install.bat” and select “Run as Administrator” after which the Report Exporter should install.

The reason, the second KB article is brought into light, is that this is the error message that was received each time a report was to be generated. It is in part that the installation may have been corrupt. However, in any case, the second KB details the problem and the first KB resolved it.