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Webtrends Report Exporter fails on Windows 7.

Where once things had worked, a user had upgraded from a Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. In doing so, the Webtrends Report Exporter that was prepackaged with a slightly older version of Webtrends failed to install. Once the installation issues seemed to iron out after much trial and error with permissions and with running as administrator…

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Webtrends SDC Tagging

A method to see what SDC is sending to the SDC server copy and paste the following script into the address bar and press enter. To make a printable view The article also suggests, that if the above javascript does not return any results, use the following code for earlier versions of SDC tagging. javascript:alert(gImages[0].src); javascript:document.write(gImages[0].src); Note: I have tested…

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