Network Speed Test for Linux

Have you ever wondered at what speed your network is really operating? There are several programs and utilities that are readily available. I have tested a couple, however, this one seems to be the easiest and very efficient. This was tested on a CentOS 7 server.

From the server, which in this case is

nc -lk 2222 >/dev/null

From the client.

dd if=/dev/zero bs=16000 count=625|nc -v 2222

A result may look like:

Ncat: Version 6.40 ( )
Ncat: Connected to
625+0 records in
625+0 records out
10000000 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.0185055 s, 540 MB/s
Ncat: 10000000 bytes sent, 0 bytes received in 0.02 seconds.

The results are skewed here as this test was run against the same box. When done, be certain to use CTL-C to stop the server process.