EMC Documentum eRoom upgrade from 7.3.4 to 7.4.0

Yesterday, March 11, 2008, EMC Dcomumentum eRoom 7.4.0 was released. I upgraded EMC Documentum eRoom 7.3.4 to 7.4.0 (7.40.500.183). Each upgrade took about 15 minutes each. There were no problems with the upgrade. This environment is using the MSSQL Advanced edition.

Files needed:
This answered a few questions I had in mind.

Q: How to upgrade eRoom 7.3.4 to eRoom 7.4.0?
A: I couldn’t find the answer, so this is what I did, successfully.

  • Execute MSSQLAdvancedSetup_7.40.exe
  • Manually Stop IIS (This is faster than allowing the setup attempt the Stop)
  • Reboot
  • ERSUPGRADE.EXE may/may not automatically execute (2 upgrades automatically executed, 1 manually executed later in this process)
  • Execute IndexServerSetup_7.40.exe
  • If ERSUPGRADE.EXE did not automatically execute two steps above then, manually run ERSUPGRADE.EXE from install folder, else no need to run again (tested).
  • Done.

New features and improvements in Documentum eRoom 7.4

  • eRoom now optionally integrates with the Information Rights Management (IRM) policy server for protecting Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat files in an eRoom. Note that you need a separate Information Rights Management (IRM) policy server for each eRoom site in which you want to enable rights management.
  • eRoom now supports Internet Explorer 7 Protected Mode in Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • eRoom Enterprise now supports Documentum Content Server version 6.

Bug Fixes in Documentum eRoom 7.4

  • You can now run the eRoom plug-in using the Windows Vista version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
  • Can now install plug-in client as Standard user on Vista.
  • Support for time zone changes introduced by Microsoft patch 933360. Time zones introduced in the specified Microsoft patch now appear on the Member Information page.
  • An eRoom coordinator with either Can modify the community member list or Can create groups permission can create a custom role with coordinator privileges. However, if that coordinator is made a participant in that eRoom, he or she remains on the Edit list for the custom role that he or she created. As a result, the user retains the ability to add/remove people from any custom role he or she created. This includes the ability to add himself or herself to the role and become a coordinator again. This security vulnerability with custom roles has been eliminated.
  • Support for new Venezuela time zone. New Venezuela time zone now supported.