Capture Lock Screen in Windows

If you ever wanted to capture a screenshot of the logon screen on a physical machine, you may have used whatever means necessary to do so. Which for me, was through the use of a digital camera. The digital camera may have captured the spirit of the screenshot, but always seems to lack in quality. Wouldn't it be great to capture a screenshot directly from the PC itself?  It is possible. This process was tested on Windows 10.

  1. Download psexec from Microsoft and copy to ie. C:\Windows\System32
  2. Open a command box as Admin.

You can use a number of screen grabbing programs.  This example is with WinSnap.  There was a method described from the source below, that did not work for me, however, this approach did.

  1. C:\>psexec -sx "c:\Program Files\WinSnap\WinSnap64.exe"
  2. Win + L (to go to the lock screen)
  3. CTL – Tab (to find WinSnap)
  4. Take your pic and save where you can.
  5. Log back into your PC
  6. Within the CMD box, CTL – C to end the program. Error code 0 should be good to go.

You should also find your snapshot where you saved it.