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Remote Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2003 using Regedit

Remote Desktop on Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 will allow access to a Windows session that is running on another computer from your local computer. However, this feature must be enabled to do so. I recently setup a Windows Server 2003 server and forgot to enable remote access. To enable remote access, you can right click on Computer…

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IIS 6 Compression – The Quick Way

There are many articles that I’ve come across that detail how to enable gzip compression within IIS 6 on a Windows Server 2003 with the Application Server option enabled nder the Configure My Server 2003 wizard. Gzip compression can compress the output of dynamic webpages (.aspx) and webservices (.asmx). It can reduce the filesize significantly. Here is a series of…

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Add missing FSMOs the Active Directory

There was a situation where one of the primary domain controllers would not boot and we were forced to upgrade the other domain controller to the primary controller position. This is an AD domain operating on Windows 2003. All references to the failed server were removed from AD. The AD domain seemed to be functioning correctly, until an attempt was…

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