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Outlook 2007 will not Minimize

Outlook on Vista or Windows 7 is either too small or offscreen. The icon appears at the bottom, and only a right-click and “maximize” will it appear, fully maximized. If I click “restore”, it disappears. I want to be able to size the window and move it around the screen. Rebooting/restarting does not help. The above was paraphrased from a…

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 returns no search results – RESOLVED!

Microsoft Outlook 2007 has enough bells and whistles to keep the application usable, however, for some reason the search feature stopped returning results. After several days of struggling with this for resolution, I finally figured out how to return results. No, there is no need for any third party application. Utilities such as the defunct Lookout, which requires a tweak…

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