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eTrust Antivirus Enable Disabled Features

eTrust Antivirus features are grayed out and access is needed. From the images below follow a single registry key change and all access becomes available. No reboot necessary. Using regedit, the format is: Using AutoIT, the format is:

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eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware Corporate Edition 5.x Redistribution (Custom)

To create a distributable executable, perform the following: Create a folder, for example, PPCL. Put into the folder, PPCL, the following files found in C:\Program Files\Common\Pestpatrol: exclude.dat langv5.dat lfinfo.dat PestPatrol.bin ppcl.exe PPClean.exe ppcl_122105.ini <---- (see Files section below) ppctl.dll ppfile.dat ppinfo.dat pploc.dat PPMCActiveDetection.exe ppsrindex.dat runppcl.bat <-- (see Files section below) Create a batch file and place outside of the folder...Read More »