WP-Table support for the WordPress Plugin Search Unleashed

wordpress-3There are many great WordPress plugins and Search Unleashed is no exception. It serves as a great replacement to the built-in WordPress search engine. Search Unleashed extends the standard search with a full text search across posts, pages, comments, authors, and meta-data. It even offers modules that support other plugins including NextGEN Gallery. The reason anyone should want to upgrade from the built-in WordPress search engine is that plugins such as NextGEN Gallery create their own tables in the WordPress database. These tables will contain data that is entered and relevant to that plugin. These tables are NOT searched by the built-in WordPress search engine. The great feature to Search Unleashed exists in the modules folder. Here, additional modules may be created and placed to accomodate other WordPress plugins. An example of this is WP-Table.

WP-Table is another fantastic plugin. This plugin allows for a quick and simple way to import a CSV file or manually create a table that is easily managable. WP-Table also creates tables within the WordPress database.

Below, is a screenshot of an example of a table created using WP-Table in use at my other site, megocollector.com. The search box on the left is Search Unleashed. To see Search Unleashed in action, search for a phrase or content (ie. 37-7727) that is within the table. The results, will also include content from tables generated using WP-Table.


These tables contain alot of data and are not searchable, even using Search Unleashed . I have created a working module, called wp-tables.php. Just drop this file into the modules folder (..\wp-content\plugins\search-unleashed\modules) and activate this module. Now, my tables are searchable.


class Search_Tables extends Search_Module
	function name () { return __ ('WP Tables', 'search-unleashed'); }

	function Search_Tables ()
		$plugins = get_option ('active_plugins');
		foreach ($plugins AS $plugin)
			if (strpos ($plugin, 'wp-table') !== false)
				// Load the gallery generator
				include_once (ABSPATH.PLUGINDIR."/$plugin/../../wp-table/wp-table.php");

				// Action calls for all functions 
				add_filter ('the_content', 'golftable');




Note: The WP-Table plugin is not supported beyond WordPress 2.3. Without modification to the plugin, I have successfully used WP-Table in WordPress versions 2.5.x, 2.6.x, and now 2.7. I would only hope that this plugin continues to function in future versions of WordPress as there is no other comparable plugin.

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