Ansible TRANSFORM_INVALID_GROUP_CHARS settings warning [resolution]

I have an ansible playbook that has worked for months.  It still works but, now has a DEPRECATION WARNING that looks ominous along with a python error.


BECOME password[defaults to SSH password]:
[DEPRECATION WARNING]: The TRANSFORM_INVALID_GROUP_CHARS settings is set to allow bad characters in group names by default, this will change, but still be user
configurable on deprecation. This feature will be removed in version 2.10. Deprecation warnings can be disabled by setting deprecation_warnings=False in
[WARNING]: Invalid characters were found in group names but not replaced, use -vvvv to see details



Remove any "-" from the hosts group names.  Even though I wasn't actively using the offending group, after naming [example-1] to [example1] that alert went away.



… urllib3 (1.22) or chardet (2.2.1) doesn’t match a supported version! RequestsDependencyWarning) ..


I uninstalled and re-installed requests.

pip uninstall requests
pip install requests
#pip uninstall docopt
#pip install docopt



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