CentOS server not found in Windows Network Neighborhood

There is a CentOS 7 file server that is accessible and works well; however, the Microsoft Windows Network Neighborhood does not display it. After some digging around, there is a simple fix for that.

Edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file and under the [global] section add/modify the following lines to look like this.

local master = yes
os level = 34

Then restart the service.

service smb restart
systemctl restart smb.service
systemctl restart smb

This integer value controls what level Samba advertises itself as for browse elections. The value of this parameter determines whether nmbd(8) has a chance of becoming a local master browser for the workgroup in the local broadcast area. Microsoft Operating systems are assigned values, where for example Windows NT 4.0/2000 Domain Controllers will be a 33. The maximum value for this parameter is 255. If you use higher values, counting will start at 0! The default value is 20.

Default: os level = 20

The ‘preferred master’ setting will force a new election each time that machine boots or Samba restarts.

After this change was applied, the server is successfully listed in the Microsoft Windows Network Neighborhood.