BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2 Out of Memory

Installing apps is a relatively easy process, however, their complete removal is not. In some cases, to free up space, I have deleted an installed application then rebooted only to find that the application is uninstalled, yet remains listed in the apps and is slightly darked out. As in this case, additional apps nor application updates could not be performed as ithe BlackBerry was out of memory. After some research, I found the steps needed to remove that unwanted clutter.

On the the BlackBerry 9530 (Storm) or BlackBerry 9550 (Storm 2)

  • Go to App World
  • Go to My World
  • Highlight the application.
  • Press the keyboard button
  • Show Keyboard
  • Hold down the number lock key (?123) till it locks
  • Then type 34(
  • Done.

For keyboard based blackberries: Hold down the ALT key and type r s t

Source: Crackberry