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Remove Old Kernels on CentOS Linux and other distros

After a few years and many yum updates later, the hard drive begins to fill up. There may be many versions of the Linux kernel. Many of which may be removed and to do this the yum-utils package is needed. Pre-CentOS 8 Install the yum-utils package. yum install -y yum-utils Check your running version. [root@server01 opt]# uname -a Linux server01…

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Linux Centos 6 PYCURL ERROR 6 error RESOLVED!

A particular virtual machine running Linux CentOS 6.5 had been problematic when it came to yum updates. The result always ended with a PYCURL ERROR 6 – Couldn’t resolve host. After spending way too much time towards resolution, a solution finally came to light. The configuration of the system is a Linux CentOS 6.5 build with two network cards. One…

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Update RHEL5 using YUM package via CentOS online sources

Compelling reasons why anyone would want to do this is that your trial period has expired, your support agreement has expired and you do not want to renew it, your system may be outdated, you want to install another application, or you just wanted to see if it could be done. Before continue reading, after testing this exercise and applying…

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