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Unable to update ca-certificates

Working on an early install of CentOS 6 and trying to update the system, the update failed. Even an attempt to update the ca-certificates failed. It turns out that the EPEL repository was the cause of this. To work past the offending EPEL repository and upgrade the ca-certificates, the following command works. Upon completion, a simple, yum update will work….

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How to increase yum download speeds

A method to increase the yum download speed is to install the yum-plugin-fastestmirror yum plugin. While this in itself increases the download speeds and decreases the download times, there is yet another plugin to be added. An article titled, Turbo Charge Yum with Fastest Mirror and AxelGet Plugins, provided the foundation for this script to simplify the installation and configuration…

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VMware – RHEL / CentOS 6.2 Network Issues

After installing CentOS 6.2 i386 minimal ISO as a VMware virtual machine, immediate attempts to perform a yum update failed. The virtual machine network is bridged to the host computer. Pings to the router were successful, however, after some Internet searches, a solution that remediated this situation was found. Before getting to the “fix”. An attempt to change the network…

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Update Multiple Linux Servers Simultaneously From Windows

Unlike Windows, Linux can be extremely flexible. Have you ever updated multiple Windows servers. It is a daunting task, even when using an automated approach like WSUS or whatever it is called these days. Linux is easier, however, to log into server, and run a simple command can become time-consuming if there are many servers. I have written a script…

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