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Replace text in a text file from the command line using a vbs script

There is a need to replace a value from within a text based file from one variable to another using a command line approach, as everything else in that process was automated. There is however, no native command line support within the Microsoft Windows environment that would allow for this to be accomplished. Someone in the Microsoft forums had written,…

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Visual Basic Script to write M3U playlists

Several years ago, I came upon a script that would recursively traverse through a folder tree and create a M3U playlist for each folder respectively. I slightly modified the script to fit my requirements. This script will look for MP3 and WMA files and create a M3U file. For the desired results, put the script in the root folder of…

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How to create a local admins group using AD, GPO, VBS in a Microsoft Windows domain

In a Microsoft Windows server domain, in this case a Windows 2003 Server, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server mixed mode environment, there was a need to create a local administrators group, add members to that group, and give those users administrator access to either workstations or servers.  Using a Group Policy Object (GPO),…

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