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Y2K20 Problem?

eBay will send some sort of notification of an auction that is about to end.  The results are usually something that is about to end within the next several hours or so.  However, for auctions that are ending near the year 2020, this has been the latest result.  8742h 9m 7s remaining.  Wow.  By the way, this auction has already…

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Use DOS Batch to show last month date with the date command

Use a DOS script to automate a process where by using the date /T command would return the previous month, rather than the current month. This actually sounds easier than it is. For the desired results, a couple of conditions were considered. Firstly, if in the month of January or one, then the subtracted value of one minus one equals…

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Linux server with incorrect date [FIXED]

Every now and again, a server may lose its date and time. One pesky server is continuously using the incorrect date and time. If there was only a way to change the system date. There is, and the easiest way to correct this is by using a simple little command called – date. There are a couple of ways to…

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How to synchronize the time with Windows Time service in Windows

Recently discovered that some servers were not reporting the correct time. I originally decided to use a freeware utility called tSync, an Internet and network time synchronization utility. While this little utility works great, I wanted something a little cleaner. Microsoft offers a couple of ways to resync the times. How to synchronize the time on a member computer in…

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