Linux: A Homemade script to monitor your websites

It was discovered days later that one of my websites was offline displaying only 500 error messages. As it turned out, it was as a result of the .htaccess files. The .htaccess files did not include <IfModule XXXXX> </IfModule> around the directives. Tracking down the offending lines, it was determined that the lines were all part of the mod_headers.c module....

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SendEmail on Linux – Send SMTP Mail from the Command Line

SendEmail is a lightweight, command line SMTP email client. It was designed to be used in bash scripts, batch files, Perl programs and web sites, but is quite adaptable. SendEmail is written in Perl and requires no modules. SendEmail is licensed under the GNU GPL, either version 2 of the License or (at your option) any later version. Although it…

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