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WinZip 9.0 SR1 repack for silent installation

Create a WinZip 9.0 SR1 repack for silent installation. Requirements Solution SetupWinZip.cmd :: Make Folder MD “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” :: Copy Files to Installation Folder copy /y EXAMPLE.ZIP “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y FILE_ID.DIZ “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y LICENSE.TXT “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y ORDER.TXT “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y README.TXT “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y VENDOR.TXT “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y WHATSNEW.TXT “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y WINZIP.CHM “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy /y WINZIP.TXT “%PROGRAMFILES%\Winzip” copy…

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eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware Corporate Edition 5.x Redistribution (Custom)

PestPatrol is an anti-malware product, designed to protect a computer system against threats such as adware, spyware and viruses. It performs automated scans of a system’s hard disks, Windows registry and other crucial system areas, and enabled manual scans for specific threats, selected from a very long list of known malicious software The goal is to create a custom eTrust…

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