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IIS 5.1 OK button unavailable when you add application mappings

An administrator using Windows XP Professional wanted to add an Application Extension Mapping in IIS, by right clicking on the Default Web Site, go to Properties, Home Directory tab, Configuration button, Add button. However, once the executable and extension were selected, the OK button was still unavable or grayed out. The reason is that the executable path is a compacted…

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Fix Journal wrapper DNS NTFRS errors

I created the following script to fix the following errors that occur often enough. I have tested this on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Enterprise Server(s) with SP1, SP2, and no service pack with success. Fix_Journal_Wrapper_DNS_NTFRS.au3

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How to create a local admins group using AD, GPO, VBS in a Microsoft Windows domain

In a Microsoft Windows server domain, in this case a Windows 2003 Server, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server mixed mode environment, there was a need to create a local administrators group, add members to that group, and give those users administrator access to either workstations or servers.  Using a Group Policy Object (GPO),…

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