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Certbot Requires Python 2.7

This article describes how to use certbot with Python 2.7.  The assumption is that you have already installed certbot. At the bottom of this article, is a related post on how to install Python 2.7.  After installing Python, install/run certbot. A shortcut, run a command within a temporary environment, like this functional example below. To run certbot, enable python 2.7…

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Install Python 2.7 on CentOS 6.x

CentOS 6.x uses python 2.6 for various things.  It is the default install and Python 2.7 is not available as a typical install but I  had a need for it and found a solution that worked for me. The test. If you type exit, and type python -V, this will revert to the existing python version.  The scl enable is…

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Command Line Testing Internet Bandwidth Using Python

Speedtest.net is a go to site for testing Internet speeds, which is usually accomplished through a web browser. There is a command line utility that offers the functionality without the need of a GUI or the web browser. To run the utility, type speedtest_cli.py. Here is an example of what one may expect to see. [root@localhost speedtest-cli-master]# speedtest_cli.py Retrieving speedtest.net…

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